LeMans Corp. reaches settlement with CARB

News release

LeMans Corporation, the parent company of Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited, recently agreed to a settlement with the California Air Resources Board regarding the sale of emissions regulated products to California dealers.

This settlement resolves CARB’s alleged claims without litigation, protects LeMans’ California dealers regarding sales of the listed parts LeMans sold to them through October 1, 2015 and allows LeMans to move forward with its revised compliance plan.

Mike Collins, the VP of Purchasing for LeMans, explained that, “CARB views the scope of its authority broadly. CARB sought enforcement as to numerous product categories, including exhaust products, catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, fuel and air controller modules, carburetor parts (such as jet kits that modify the air/fuel flow), cam modifications, O2 eliminators and air cleaner/filter kits.”

Collins went on to explain that CARB believes that including a disclaimer in an advertisement does not provide protection from CARB enforcement as to the sale of emission related parts in California.

Collins also said that, “Other than for use on racing vehicles on closed courses with documentation satisfactory to CARB, California dealers that continue to sell these products for use in California face potential CARB enforcement action, unless according to CARB it can be demonstrated with test results that the use does not alter the performance of OEM emission related devices (i.e. it constitutes a ‘Replacement Part’ under the CARB regulations) or unless CARB has issued an executive order.”

Collins additionally said, “LeMans is working with our suppliers to identify products that do meet the emission requirements of CARB and also meet the needs of the motorcycling customers in California.”

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  1. What a load of crap. CARB wastes so much time and money on trying to enforce its ridiculous rules on motorcycles. They need to take that time and money and put it into things that might actually make a difference, motorcycles have no impact on air quality in California, the number of them on the road and trails and their small amount of combustion gasses compared to automobiles and semi's is like 100,000 to 1. Even if every motorcycle in the entire state of California had straight pipes with no emission controls it would have zero impact.
    CARB - get a freaking life, take that wasted time and money and invest it in something that might actually matter.

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