Sena launches 2016 product line at AIMExpo

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Sena Technologies, Inc., a Bluetooth innovator in the motorcycle and outdoor actives market, today announced the launch of their all-new Bluetooth communication devices at the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) in Orlando, FL. Being added to the current state of the art 2015 product line, the new additions include the 10S, 10R, 10U, Prism Tube and Wristband and Handlebar Remotes.

The all-new products build upon Sena’s advanced Bluetooth technology to offer all-new industry-leading innovation initiatives as well as expand on the features of previous product line ups, in range and distance, enhanced speaker and audio quality as well as advanced noise control technology to name a few. Focusing on their commitment to innovation, Sena has developed these new products with the latest technology and design to provide a full product line up that is continuously moving forward and advancing to meet the needs of consumers.

In addition to the new items mentioned above and expanded upon below, Sena will also be unveiling a game-changing new product at the expo as well.



The 10S is the next generation model of the tried and true SMH10, with new and improved features. These features include the highest performance speakers of our entire product line, an all-in-one clamp to connect speakers, microphone as well as an earbud connector, increased intercom distance of up to 1.6km, built in FM-radio, as well as a slimmer jog dial design. Because the 10S is using 4.1 Bluetooth, the device is compatible with our wristband and handlebar remotes as well as Sena’s convenient smartphone app. The 10S will have a retail price of $239 for a single unit and $439 for a dual pack. 




The 10R, Sena’s newest Bluetooth communication headset for riders who enjoy a low-profile, sporty headset that is still packed with features and Sena’s legendary full-duplex intercom communication capability. With a retail price of $299, the 10R uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology to increase the clarity and reliability of Bluetooth communications while also including support for their recently released Sena Handlebar Remote which is included with the 10R. The 10R is also compatible with the Sena Smartphone App which is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app allows users to adjust several of the10R’s settings from the convenience of a smartphone.


A stealthy setup with top audio performance, the Sena 10U delivers audiophile-worthy performance for your tunes and conversations in a stealthy setup that fits completely within the interior recesses of some of the world’s best helmets. Currently the 10U System, which has a retail price of $299, is available in 4 different models for the Shoei GT-Air and Neotec, Schuberth C3/C3 Pro, and Arai full-face helmets, with more to come in the future.

Prism Tube

Prism-Tube Sena
Placing this lightweight action camera on your motorcycle helmet allows you to capture the audio and video of your adventures with ease. The Prism Tube conveniently captures your audio and video in incredible HD quality with only the touch of a button. Simply slide the switch forward to power it on to instantly start recording your adventure. The Prism Tube can be installed and removed quickly and efficiently on all types of motorcycle helmets. The camera comes with two different mounts, each with options for installing on the outside of your helmet to achieve the best angle for each of your adventures. With a 360-degree rotation of the camera and the lens, it can also be adjusted to capture an even wider variety of camera angles. The Prism Tube will have a retail price of $119.

Handlebar Remote


The Handlebar Remote, with a retail price of $99, is the safest way to control your Sena gear, featuring a glove-friendly joystick and buttons to help reduce the risks of riding. It gives you full control over your Sena Bluetooth communication gear while reducing the risks of taking your hands off the handlebars. The unit charges via the USB port, but with several months of battery life per charge, you won’t need to hook it up very often.

Wristband Remote


The Wristband Remote, with a retail price of $99, is the latest addition to our line of Bluetooth communication systems specially designed to give users full control over their Sena Bluetooth communication gear. By attaching the device to the wrist or arm, the Wristband Remote helps reduce the dangers caused by distractions while riding or participating in other outdoor activities. From passengers on motorcycles who want to stay connected on the ride, to skydivers looking for a safer and more convenient way to communicate with fellow skydivers, this is just another example of how Sena has once again proved their leadership in the outdoor sports industry. Sena continues to create communication solutions for other activities that go far beyond the motorcycle and powersports markets.


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