Spectator killed at rock crawling event

A 30-year-old man was killed at the W.E. Rock Events Dirt Riot Race in Moab, Utah, Saturday after he was struck by a racecar.

Christopher Hower of Ely, Nev., was hit while he was taking photos of the event in an unauthorized area of the track. A 4X4 coming off a designated jump on the track’s course struck him, according to the San Juan County Sherriff’s Office.

The following is an April 4 release from W.E. Rock Events, LLC:

In an unfortunate incident at the W.E. Rock Events/Dirt Riot today at AreaBFE in Moab, UT, a spectator was tragically struck by a racecar. The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office has declared it an accident. The spectator was within the closed off boundaries of the racecourse taking a “selfie” photo.

There were many first responders on the scene within seconds of the accident. The effort by all the first responders from onsite EMT, the W.E. Rock Events/Dirt Riot family and the crowd gave everything until the county personnel arrived to take the scene.

The spectator’s family is currently being notified, and we wish to keep them all in your thoughts.

The driver, co-driver and family are challenged with this accident, and we ask that you keep them in your thoughts.

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