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Mark Mooney PowerSports Consulting, a national consulting firm based in Santa Cruz, California, opened for business on March 1.

Mark Mooney PowerSports Consulting offers training and mentoring programs for all departments in powersports dealerships. Mark focuses on taking advantage of all of the opportunities that dealerships are being given daily, and utilizing philosophies and practices that guide success. Why? Gone are the days that a dealership’s sales department can carry the load of dealership profitability. Lasting and stable profitability begins with a solid foundation to build upon in all departments, and continues with a vision that always looks for ways to continually strengthen processes while empowering the individuals that follow them.

Mark has partnered with many of the major OEMs to provide dealership consultation and sales training for their dealer bodies. He has delivered keynote speeches for OEMs, taught numerous classes on dealership management, and trained sales teams throughout the United States.

Mark has more than three decades of powersports industry experience. He has worked in and run every department in a dealership, as well as owning his own multi-line dealership for more than a decade. He has experienced the same issues that every dealer faces on a daily basis, and there’s not much that has happened to any dealer that he hasn’t had to face himself.

Mark departs his position as Director of Retail Performance for Pied Piper Management Company, LLC to launch his consulting firm. Fran O’Hagan, President and CEO of Pied Piper, says, “Those dealer principals who have already worked with Mark describe how much they value his wisdom and guidance, but just as importantly, how easy it is to work with him.”

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