New call center service launched

Dealership Performance, a provider of training and consulting services in the powersports industry, has announced that it will be launching its Dealership Elite Service Center on Jan. 2. It offers dealers professional customer service surveys and easy-to-understand reporting.

Services include detailed visitor analytics, monthly totals summaries, reputation and brand management consulting and specific action plans for all pre-purchase, post purchase and service visits at no extra cost. The plan is available to any dealer that has used a lead manager, CRM or other call center service for a minimum of 12 months. All of the call center employees are professionals based in the U.S.

“We are utilizing a powerful and proven enterprise software featuring many enhancements that were not available when we started multiple call centers 10 years ago,” said Tad Kilgore, vice president of sales and marketing. “Local number masking and predictive time zone power dialing, to maximize call vs. contact ratio, will help us achieve an unheard of industry standard of 65 percent to 70 percent, and in some cases even higher. This will massively increase customer contacts and immediate real time reporting to maximize sales by astute dealers.”

Dealership Performance also offers innovative software solutions for OEMs, as well as opt-in lead generation, event notification, warranty expiration and trade-in calls.


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  1. Interested in pre purchase calls

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