IT company opens new facility to accommodate Harley contract

Infosys, a consulting and technology company, has announced it is opening a new delivery center in Milwaukee, driven by a five-year contract with Harley-Davidson.

The new Infosys facility will be one of 18 others in the U.S. It initially will house 125 jobs, which will include some positions migrated from Harley. Infosys will provide applications management, infrastructure support and hosting services for H-D.

“It is critical for Infosys to create global hubs of talent, and the Midwest is a key region with a number of our important clients,” said Ashok Vemuri, head of the Americas and member of the board at Infosys. “We welcome Harley-Davidson as our lead client at the new Wisconsin center, and look forward to servicing additional customers from this location, providing innovative technology and consulting solutions as we help build tomorrow’s enterprises.”

“The engagement with Infosys is part of Harley-Davidson’s overall realignment of its internal information services and technology capability,” added David Cotteleer, Harley-Davidson vice president and chief information officer. “Given the rapidly changing IT landscape, a strategic partner can more effectively provide technology related services in many areas, including data network engineering and data center operations. After a thorough review, we are pleased to have selected Infosys for its leadership in technology innovation and the quality of its services and support. We also appreciate their commitment to job creation in Milwaukee.”

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  1. I would have never expected Harley-Davidson would make such a stupid move in outsourcing its IT offshore. With all the returning military veterans in need of sustainable jobs you would think they would take advantage of all the tax credits and place a few vets to work. I would guess the majority of the Harley owners are US veterans however the increased sales of Harleys in India have caused them to share the wealth? Another fact will be security. The average worker in India makes around $7.00 per day so I guess a hundred dollar bill will get you a thumb drive of Harley data. I’m sure competitors of Harley are lining up to acquire customer information.

    I would have never anticipated Harley Davidson to turn its back on the USA. I guess anything is possible now. What a sad day….

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