AMA Hall of Fame launches supplemental vote for Clark’s induction

In response to errors during the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame voting process, the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation Board of Directors has announced it is holding a supplemental vote for the induction of Derek "Nobby" Clark into this year's hall of fame class.

It was originally announced that Clark would be inducted, however an investigation revealed Clark's name shouldn't have been on the final ballot. His induction was rescinded, and since then several Hall of Famers, including Kenny Roberts, Dave Despain and Dick Mann have announced they are resigning from the Hall of Fame, according to several reports. The AMA's investigation into the balloting issue can be read here.

"We believe Mr. Clark is worthy of induction into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame," AMHF chairman Jeffrey V. Heininger said of the vote. "It's important to stress that the balloting errors were not of Mr. Clark's making, and the entire board offers its sincere apologies to Mr. Clark."

The AMHF planned to begin contacting Hall of Fame voters this week to inform them of the supplemental vote. If approved, Clark could be reentered into this year's Hall of Fame class.

"The only people who can elevate Mr. Clark to the Hall of Fame are the voting members, which include the living Hall of Famers," Heininger said. "A clear vote in light of all that has happened allows Mr. Clark to enter the Hall with the honor he deserves."

The AMHF's executive committee is gathering a review panel to evaluate the Hall of Fame selection committee's structure and procedures.

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