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Bel-Ray expands its Lubricant Advisor online tool

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Continually at the forefront of technology in the specialty lubrication arena, Bel-Ray is pleased to announce the expansion of its innovative Lubricant Advisor, a tool which allows Bel-Ray customers to identify the ideal lubricant solution for any application. Located on the company’s website, www.belray.com, the Lubricant Advisor caters to the Motorcycle, ATV, Marine, Industrial and Mining market segments. Bel-Ray, often the first to market with many of its products, is also first to offer this type of lubricant advisor technology to the market place, covering multiple market segments and applications.

“Our goal with further developing our lubricant advisor functionality is to remove the mystery in our industry that compels users to provide information before receiving information. We are a solutions orientated company, focused on making the process of sourcing a lubricant user-friendly. Our lubricant advisor is all about empowering our customers with information that allows them to make informed decisions. Our hope is that this level of transparency will establish credibility with customers, who may then reach out to us to provide the product technology,” said Jennifer Liquori, Bel-Ray’s Chief Operation Officer.

The Marine Lubricant Advisor features 235 different models from more than 40 different manufacturers, covering virtually all global marine applications. The Motorcycle and ATV Lubricant Advisor compiles data that includes nearly every motorcycle and atv produced around the world. The Industrial Lubricant Advisor contains information relating to all forms of industrial machinery, including gears, hydraulics, machine tools, pumps and compressors. The Mining Lubricant Advisor is the one stop source for all heavy equipment lubricant needs.

Critical information regarding important lubrication is included in each easy-to-use lubricant advisor interface. Eliminate the guesswork and the errors associated with complex decisions such as fill quantities, service intervals and recommended products. These aspects are all easily accessible via a simple drop down menu, allowing for quick and accurate lubrication choice for all machine operators.

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