MotoGP rule changes approved

The Grand Prix Commission has approved several rule changes for the 2012 MotoGP season.

The new regulations include:

  • A revised wording of the testing regulation, which incorporated testing regulation decisions made earlier in 2011.
  • Contracted riders in the MotoGP class may test machines using the 240 tires available to each manufacturer’s team. Other MotoGP class riders can exclusively test their team machines with a limit of 120 tires per rider.
  • Riders who don’t qualify for a race based on their time in the qualifying practice can qualify if they achieve a time at least equal to 107 percent of the fastest rider in the warm up.
  • MotoGP class riders starting the race from pit lane due to an engine durability sanction will start 10 seconds after the green light is shown at the pit lane exit.
  • Riders in all classes may use a starter engine on the grid. For all classes, tire warmers may now remain in place until the display of the one-minute board. Generators must still be removed at the three-minute board.
  • All riders in all classes must display a red rear light in rain conditions.
  • The minimum weight limit for 1,000cc machines in the MotoGP class will be increased to 157 kilos in 2012 and 160 kilos in 2013.
  • The permitted wheel sizes for the Moto3 class were confirmed as 2.5-inches by 17-inches for the front and 3.5-inches by 17-inches for the rear.

Several detail changes submitted by the technical director will also approved.

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