SBS announces new brake pad

SBS introduced the SP EVO Sinter brake pad. These new pads meet the current challenges of high performance bikes with a sintered pad developed to meet modern bike technology. They are manufactured with advanced production technology featuring conductive sintering, where the material is heated up by electrical current resulting in an excellent and consistent brake pad material.

Chris Jensen, SBS North American market manager, said: “Exciting things are happening over at SBS Friction. The bike industry’s ongoing product development, with upgrades in engine performance, frame, suspension, tire technology, as well as electronic riding and braking systems, calls for a new generation of brake components, and the new SP EVO is a big step forward.”

The SBS EVO Sinter brake pads feature: strong initial bite that gives instant brake feeling; easy modulation and powerful in-stop performance; fade free also under extreme conditions; consistent, reliable brake performance throughout product lifetime; and they’re durable and with low rotor wear. They’re available through Parts Unlimited.


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