World Wake Association promoting WSIA’s Wake Responsibly campaign

In an effort to proactively educate drivers on courteous boating behavior, the World Wake Association (WWA) is currently promoting the Water Sports Industry Association’s (WSIA) Wake Responsibly campaign to help minimize conflicts on waterways between homeowners and towed water sports participants.

With a grassroots communication channel, including an email list of all pro and amateur competitors over the past decade, the WSIA identified WWA as a necessary outlet to help spread the word.

In addition to e-news and social media support, the Wake Responsibly message is also being announced three times per day at 10 major events across the country including the Nautique Wake Series and Malibu’s Evolution Pro Series and Rider Experience events.

“In our search to target frequent participants who maximize the performance of their wakes, the WWA already had the perfect interactive channels in place,” said WSIA executive director Kevin Michael. “From e-news to social, they already had us covered, but the bonus factor was the support from legendary announcer Dano The Mano. He bleeds towed water sports and really got behind this campaign, which authenticated the message, and people are listening.”

The Wake Responsibly initiative is part of the WSIA’s waterway protection efforts to minimize threats to lakes and rivers regarding towed water sports and to preserve the vitality of wake sports for years to come. The organization is focused on promoting and protecting all towed water sports through best practices, maintaining waterway access rights, educating participants, promoting safety and facilitating sustainable industry growth. 


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