Ducati’s Premier Financing launches

Ducati announced the launch of its new flexible financing program, Ducati Premier Financing, a product of Ducati Financial Services. VW Credit, Inc. (dba Ducati Financial Services) is a servicer for VW Credit Leasing, Ltd. and VCI Loan Services, LLC. 

The program’s flexibility means that riders can enjoy affordable and far lower monthly payments compared to traditional financing, even with a low down payment. 

“This is just one more tool Ducati is using to position our motorcycles as more accessible to a broader array of riders,” said Jason Chinnock, CEO of Ducati North America. “With an expanded lineup and our new financing flexibility, all sorts of riders — beginners and veterans alike — can now make Ducati ownership a reality.”

Due to state restrictions and limitations, the Premier Financing program is not currently eligible in North Carolina, New Hampshire or Pennsylvania. 


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