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Daytona Freeride joins Pro Watercross

2017 event to be held on new area of Daytona Beach

Topping off a successful season packed with new events, new fans, new athletes and new venues, Pro Watercross has recently forged a partnership that will once again expand the range of competitions held under the Pro Watercross banner.

“We are proud to announce that the Daytona Freeride will now be a Pro Watercross-sanctioned event,” CEO A.J. Handler said. “I’m excited to have Nicholas Foederer join the Pro Watercross family as an event organizer.”

The Daytona Freeride, set for Jan. 12-15, is now a Pro Watercross-sanctioned event. (Photo by mel-smith.com)
The Daytona Freeride, set for Jan. 12-15, is now a Pro Watercross-sanctioned event. (Photo by mel-smith.com)

One of the most popular freestyle events on the east coast, Foederer’s Daytona Freeride draws competitors from across the country as well as garnering international attention.

“I’m happy to be working with Pro Watercross and with A.J.,” Foederer said. “I think he represents the most professional thing we’ve got going in the sport right now, and I want to work with someone who is that professional.”

Pro Watercross’ long-standing expertise in working with venue representatives — both private sector and municipal officials — is something that stands to benefit event organizers and help smooth the logistics process, Foederer added. Pro Watercross’ expanding media coverage, including national television as well as livestreaming outlets, is also playing a key role in attracting new sectors of the personal watercraft sport.

“I really like what they did with the Pro Watercross tour this year; they are really putting things together,” Foederer said. “I think Pro Watercross can help me get to where I want to be with the Freeride.”

The 2017 Daytona Freeride, which will be held Jan. 12-15, will stake out a new stretch of Daytona beachfront.

“We’ll be closer to the pier and all of the Daytona activities, and we have a new host hotel, the Ocean Breeze Club,” he said.

For more information or to register for the 2017 Daytona Freeride, visit www.daytonafreeride.com.



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