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Garage Composites offers F&I training

Top metric dealerships in the nation are eclipsing $1,000 in F&I revenue per unit sold. That number is up to two times higher for top Harley-Davidson dealerships.

Garage Composites’ Steve Dodds, an industry-specific expert in increasing F&I revenue, has created an in-depth training program to get more dealerships hitting those top F&I benchmarks. The training program will start in December and continue into the spring.

Dodds’ extended F&I program will be more in-depth than traditional one-session training courses, providing:

• In-depth sessions on getting more from your lenders, including how to get more deals financed and how to find new banks;
• Compliance information, including a checklist and follow-up info on implementation;
• 20 club-style composite reviews to ensure the training is making a successful impact at the dealership.
• A session, unique to the industry, that will include both sales and F&I managers to create a sales process designed to get the most from each and every deal.

The latter session is especially key to dealers hopeful of elevating their F&I revenue, Dodds said. “A big part of the finance department’s potential can be either created or destroyed by the sales department,” he said.

The F&I sales process Dodds teaches is “simple to follow and along with the provided word tracks creates a recipe for immediate, substantial increases in per unit sale,” said Matt Merical, general manager for Zylstra Harley-Davidson in Ames, Iowa.

The extended F&I training program is part of the diverse Management Training Academy offering provided by Garage Composites, powersports industry leaders in dealership management training and 20 clubs.


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