Utah-made autocycle to retail for $49K

Editor's note: Pricing and model photos have been updated since this story originally appeared in the print edition of Powersports Business. We'll be learning more about the company in the coming months. — Dave

Vanderhall targets high-performance crowd

Powersports Business has learned that Vanderhall Motor Works has begun production of the Laguna Roadster, an exotic autocycle manufactured in Provo, Utah, for 2016. At $49,950 for the Laguna, and $29,000 for a yet-to-be released, cafe-racer-styled model, Vanderhall seeks to provide exclusivity with the limited production Laguna and performance through a higher volume model, with racing inspired maneuverability, braking and acceleration. The autocycle segment is growing, and Vanderhall seeks to fill the void of exclusive, high-performance options within this market.

“It has been a long and passionate process, and we are excited to have a product that will truly brings smiles and garners attention. The design is timeless and will provoke admirers for many years; an instant classic, that’s what I feel we’ve created,” president and founder Steve Hall said.

An autocycle is a three-wheeled vehicle, generally with two wheels in front and one wheel in back. While technically registered as motorcycles in most states, autocycles provide a unique and creative platform that opens many options for design characteristics that are otherwise heavily regulated with automotive production. Vanderhall is actively seeking qualified powersports dealers for distribution.

1016Cycle-Vanderhall2 1016Cycle-Vanderhall1Vanderhall’s design focuses on retro-modern influences with high performance and comfort included as key underpinnings. The patented mono-aluminum chassis creates a low center of gravity that helps keep cornering sticky and skid pad performance similar to of a sports car.

The 1.4-liter turbo engine is factory tuned to 200 horses and 200 foot-pounds of torque. A six-speed automatic transmission with a selectable manual paddle shift translates the power to the wheels.

Performance is further aided by exclusively using carbon fiber for all body, dash and accessory panels; this keeps weight down to 1,550 pounds dry.



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