LotVantage added as an eBay Preferred Solutions Provider

Tampa-based LotVantage announced that it has signed an agreement with eBay Motors to become a Preferred Solutions Provider (PSP).

“LotVantage has been a leader in online marketing over the last 12 years. As a firm believer in the power of eBay and their local and national marketing packages, I believe this product is a must have for dealerships to leverage quality leads and secure online transactions. Dealerships are constantly looking for ways to handle their transactions, and eBay has been doing this for over a decade,” said Matthew Brown, CEO of LotVantage.

Having a PSP designation will not only enhance the experience for LotVantage’s direct dealers, but will extend to its reseller partners.

“LotVantage is eager to grow our eBay product offering to our nearly 4,000 dealerships, both direct and through our reseller partners. LotVantage is now positioned to work with more dealerships than ever before,” said Jim Jabaay, vice president of Sales and Marketing of LotVantage.

“With LotVantage, we’re continuing to offer our sellers with technology that helps them better manage their inventory and provide exceptional customer service,” said Sree Menon, general manager of eBay Motors. “As the number one automotive site on the web, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best tools to meet the changing demands of shoppers.”


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