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Distributor plans to tackle ‘grey market’

SpeedMob now only servicing product with receipt from dealers


SpeedMob, Inc., a distributor of premium European and domestic brands, announced a new Grey Market Policy that is designed to strengthen the brand values of its imported products, as well as enhance dealer support and return on investment of these brands.

As of April 1, SpeedMob will no longer service, warranty or offer parts support for any imported product without a valid sales receipt from an authorized U.S. or Canadian SpeedMob dealer. Brands currently included in the new Grey Market Policy are Arrow Exhausts, Giannelli Exhausts, Airoh Helmets, USWE Hydration and STM/Mole Meccanica products.

For many years, U.S. dealer sales of European brands have been severely impacted by the grey market selling conducted by European vendors. These sales have intensified due to an ailing European economy that has benefited from a strong Euro and ease of use of online sales platforms, such as eBay or private websites. These sales have proven disruptive to U.S. dealers and impactful to the value of the brands being sold in this manner. They also have created an issue of many non-DOT compliant helmets being shipped into the U.S.

SpeedMob, in cooperation with its vending partners, has developed a comprehensive plan to better control the grey market importing of its distributed brands.

Tim Calhoun, president of SpeedMob, said: “To continue servicing and supporting grey market sold products would negatively impact our dealers. Grey market sales are a disservice to consumers and also erode the brand value and return on investment for the dealers who stock, sell and service these brands. Our role is to distribute and manage these brands, most importantly meeting our dealers’ expectations and ensuring dealer satisfaction and brand value in the market. In an effort to stem this issue and better support our authorized dealers, we will no longer offer warranty, parts or support for products that were not sold through an authorized U.S. or Canadian SpeedMob dealer. In the case of exclusive products, we will heavily enforce MAP policies and utilize all reasonable legal means to shut down the grey market selling of these products into this market.”

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