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Fulmer unveils new graphics for top-selling helmet

Fulmer has revealed the latest graphics for its top-selling 62B Narcosis full-face helmet. The special edition Narcosis Of The Deep 360-degree graphic depicts a psychedelic underwater battle between a scantily clad mermaid and a menacing angler fish. Just when you think you caught all the details, you notice what can only be described as a “skull crab” making his way across the top of the lid.

“The artwork and details on the graphic are amazing. We really let the artist run with it and didn’t hold him back from making a killer graphic. We wanted something that people would see on our dealers’ shelves and would have to own, this graphic definitely achieved that,” said Nick LoMonaco, director of powersports for Fulmer Helmets.

The 62B is equipped with a built-in sunshade, multiple adjustable vent ports and countless other features.

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