Brammo invests in electric’s future

Sure, electric motorcycles are still a niche part of the industry, but that doesn’t mean Brammo isn’t growing. In fact, the Oregon-based electric motorcycle OEM is on an impressive trajectory.

Brammo recently moved into an old Wal-Mart building that the company purchased and renovated, increasing its headquarters from 25,000 square feet to 100,000 square feet. The move allows for the company to crank out more motorcycles, as in the past it has been production constrained at the smaller facility. With the expanded production, Brammo also plans to expand sales into Canada and Europe.

On the home front, Brammo is looking to increase its dealer count, to cover more U.S. markets.

“I think we’re going to try and hit 50 dealers by the end of this year if we can, and that’s very ambitious, so that’s the goal for this year,” Adrian Stewart, director of sales and marketing, told Powersports Business.

Getting bikes into dealerships has not only been difficult because the bikes weren’t being produced fast enough to satisfy demand, but also because Brammo is pushing boundaries in motorcycle engine technology. However, the dealers who have taken on the brand have enjoyed its addition, Stewart said.

“The dealers are really pleased. It takes a lot of effort to convince them to start with. It’s a big commitment. There’s training for salespeople, there’s parts, there’s tools, showroom space. And some of the other OEMs are not too enthusiastic about another OEM arriving in the showroom. But the dealers we’ve got are all very happy; they’ve all had great sales, so I think they’re looking forward to next year now,” he added.

Those who have purchased the bikes to date come from a varied demographic, from technology fiends to experienced riders looking to add to their collection to those looking to reenter the sport. Though, the company has learned it also still has to make efforts to simply educate riders and potential riders about electric bikes.

“It’s still surprising how many people don’t even know there are electric motorcycles, so it’s a lot of work for everybody to do that,” Stewart said.

However, Brammo is confident that with increased awareness, additional marketing efforts — such as its racing team and advancing technology — the market will begin warming up to electric bikes.


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