Heat Demon launches heated grip kits for Harley-davidson

Heat Demon is now offering an improved Harley-Davidson heated grip kit.

Heat Demon’s new heated grip controller and heater can be used universally with any Harley-Davidson motorcycle, regardless of throttle type or handlebar size.

The once apparent “nose” on the controller has been removed to create a more stock look and to reduce the SKUs in half. An ultra-thin heater has also been created and added to all kits, so those with an electronic throttle system are able to insert the heater without having to modify the inside of undersized handlebars.

“We are very excited to introduce the next generation of our Heat Demon Grip Warmers for Harley-Davidson motorcycles,” said Joe Bauer, general manager of Heat Demon. “No longer will there be questions about reaming out handlebars or handlebar sizes. Our new kit will fit 99.9 percent of all Harley models on the road today. With modifications to the controller and the additional heater, installation time is reduced significantly. We’ve also modified the heaters to make sure the heat is more consistent between the clutch and throttle grips.”

All Heat Demon Harley-Davidson kits include everything needed for a fast, easy installation for most grips. The controller is available in black or chrome, and replaces the front half of the stock clutch or brake perch. The four-color LED lights indicate the heat level and dim for night riding making it a convenient, safe way to extend your riding season.


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