ADP Lightspeed, SMP driving labor efficiencies

Service Manager Pro now integrated with NXT

Service Manager Pro, the leading labor guide in the powersports business, and ADP Lightspeed will now have two-way communication between their two respective systems.

This new functionality will allow a LightspeedNXT user to launch Service Manager Pro from within an existing repair order. Once Service Manager Pro is launched within NXT, the user will be taken directly to the labor times for the unit on which he or she is working. The user will then click a couple of buttons to select the labor operations and then those operations will automatically populate and add up the total cost of labor for a specific repair order.

“With this type of integration, dealer principals and service managers have the ability to protect their service department profit margin,” said C.R. Gittere, CEO of Service Manager Pro. “Service Manager Pro has a password-protected settings area that allows managers to set a multiplier for each vehicle type a manufacturer produces. This gives them great flexibility in maintaining their competitiveness in their area while making sure no one is giving work away.”

Service Manager Pro publishes data sets for 18 OEMs, and in many cases, includes the OEM warranty job code. This means when the service writer selects labor times from SMP they will be able to select if the job is covered under warranty. If it is a warranty repair, NXT will recognize this and populate the repair order with the OEM warranty labor time and the OEM warranty job code, if available.

“When you have the OEM job code on a repair order, it will help in streamlining the filing of warranty claims and make our dealers more efficient,” said Dave Johnson, manufacturer solutions manager with ADP Lightspeed. “This new integration will save our dealers several hours a month in filing warranty claims and help them build profitability by making sure they are billing consumers the right amount of time for a specific repair.”


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