‘I saw on your website …’

Utah snowmobile dealer makes web exclusive demo rides

“I saw on your website that … ”

Those words kept coming out the mouths of customers so often that Byron Andersen, sales manager and media specialist at Morgan Valley Polaris decided it was time to see how the store could better take advantage of its website promotional offerings.

With three locations serving Utah and Wyoming, Andersen placed merchandising slides created by 50 Below, an ARI company. One was for “cab systems” and the other for a snowmobile “demo days.”

“Our customers were telling us they went to the website to look up UTVs and saw the image of a plow, and some of them didn’t realize you could add a plow. So the initial spark of interest started on the website and brought them in to learn more,” Andersen said.

The demo ride promo was only advertised on the website, not anywhere else.

“We had several people at all three of our locations walk in and mention the demo ride promo that they had seen on the site,” Andersen said. “50 Below has built some really good custom stuff for us, with these two built around winter experiences. It’s a prime time to sell plows, winches and cabs, so we looked at what people were viewing on the web to boost our retail.”

By placing the demo ride for the Pro RMK on the store’s site, Andersen says that one store generated three sales, and the other two stores in Mountain View, Wyo., and Evanston, Utah, created at least seven sled purchases.

“And I know we got a couple of late-season sales, too. And we sold a demo from it,” he said. “The 2012-13 season was amazing for us with the mountain sleds.”

The top sellers in 2012-13 at Morgan Valley were the Pro RMK 800 in both 155- and 163- inch tracks, Andersen said.



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