New component market reports available for winches, lighting, motors

Gary Gustafson, president of G-Force Consulting and GForceConsulting.com, is following up on the success of his North American Powersports Battery Report by offering industry market reports covering motors and controllers, lighting, sensors and winches.

“These analyses are being released to serve the booming powersports electronic and mechatronic markets. The battery report is having a ripple effect throughout the industry, and these reports have the potential to do the same,” Gustafson said.

The subscription-based reports analyze the powersports component markets, including the prospective supply chain effects of the latest moves by industry OEM leaders.

“It’s like a multi-vitamin for a business. There is a competitive analysis of the manufacturers in each sector, analysis of both aftermarket and OEM customers, and there are original technical and process-oriented approaches offered for growing sales. There is also a wealth of engineering knowledge in the reports that manufacturers can use to make a better product,” Gustafson said.

Wall Street market research firms, automotive suppliers, powersports OEMs and start-up companies have all employed G-Force Consulting to help them achieve a greater return on investment for their sales and development efforts.

Gustafson says that G-Force Consulting is uniquely suited to deliver this kind of information because of the extensive breadth and depth of technical, sales and marketing consulting appointments serving dozens of clients.

“The strength of these reports is the analysis and insight, not just the data. Macro-trends such as CPSC rulemaking and off-road vehicle access are extrapolated into actionable strategies via a War Game approach. The powersports market is attracting new manufacturers every day, but some of them fail because the learning curve is too costly and drawn out,” he said. “These reports are the beginning of a shift in the G-Force Consulting business model. While I will always offer customized research, I am now also offering mass-market research that is guaranteed to be the most informative and up-to-date.”


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