Dominion unveils ‘revolutionary’ DX1 system

One-click access to DMS, CRM, marketing tools the first of its kind

Dominion Powersports Solutions will unveil its years-in-the-making DX1 platform to dealers at Dealer Expo in Indianapolis. The marketing materials call it “revolutionary,” and if you’re a dealer you’ll want to learn just how much it can enhance your dealership’s back-end management system.

Here’s a look at what it does, but be sure to stop by the Dominion booth in Indy to get a closer look for yourself.

It’s a one-stop solution that provides dealer customers one multi-functional back-end system that supports all of the dealership’s business operations, including management of its inventory, sales, website, marketing, customer relationship and accounting functions.

“This concept is a big switch from the multiple providers and applications that dealers are used to,” Gwyn Price, vice president, PowerSports at Dominion Enterprises, told Powersports Business in an exclusive sneak preview of the system. “It’s one single solution for all of their management functions.”

Curtis Conner, DX1’s lead architect and the founder of ZiiOS, believes the product fills a gap in terms of limiting a dealer’s IT responsibilities.

A dealer focus
“I was a dealer at one point in my life, and I know that the single thing a dealer does not want to be in is IT, or IT sales and support,” Conner said. “We spent three years implementing, designing and developing DX1, and the key thing that dealers will want to know is that it allows them to manage from one database, providing real-time data.”

The system features an industry-first single sign-on entry point that provides the dealer one-click access to all of his or her business applications. Plus, as the entire system is operated from a single shared database, it provides real-time updates to inventory pricing and metrics along with key financial information, another industry first, Price said.

In a nutshell, the DX1 system includes all of the business applications previously compiled from various providers, including:

• Single sign-on, ONE-click access to all business operations
• Dealer management system (DMS)
• Dealership website
• Lead manager/CRM
• Social tools and data distribution
• Inventory marketing tool to upload, manage and deliver photos and text for major units and parts & accessories to various online sites.

“While other providers claim a high level of data and operational efficiency through integration, DX1 truly delivers the edge by supporting all business and digital marketing operations from one single database,” Price said. “There is no need to sync, aggregate or merge data from one system to another. Since DX1 operates from one database, the dealer is able to display consistent pricing, stock and inventory in real-time to all aspects of the application.”

Real-time data
Not to be overlooked is DX1’s ability to provide real-time updates of inventory.

“The age of mobile has heightened consumers’ demand for timely information, so updating critical retail data on a once-daily basis is no longer acceptable,” Conner said. “Because DX1 relies on one database, consumers are equipped with instant updates on key items, such as the availability of new and pre-owned units. So when the customer comes in to the dealership and buys anything, from major units to parts and accessories, the minute it’s sold, it goes off the website.”

In order to provide end-users with the most accurate information about products and services available at the dealership, DX1’s one database can more accurately track inventory for the end user, another demand of the retail shopper in this digital age. DX1 can instantly inform the online shopper as to the availability of parts and accessories from the dealership, whether he walks in the door or shops online, an industry-first.

And for dealers who are tired of entering user names and passwords multiple times per hour, DX1 is your solution.

“A single system means dealership staff will not have to re-enter information from one system into another, resulting in a huge time-savings. Dealers have reported that up to 30 percent of their staff’s time is wasted by this type of redundant work,” said Neil Pascale, business development manager for Dominion Powersports. “Less manual entry means more time for dealership staff to invest in essential sales and customer care activities within the dealership.”

The first release of the DX1 system will be available on April 1 to a limited number of dealerships. Dealer principals can request limited Early Adopter status by visiting the Dominion Powersports booth at Dealer Expo and completing an installation application. No deposits or contracts will be required or accepted.

“I need to offer a tip of the hat to Curtis and his operations team, because the DX1 adds to what we bring to the table,” Price said. “It’s a software solution from a dealer’s perspective, and it reflects what their needs are today and what they will be in the future. A dealer doesn’t want to be an IT integrator, and they’ve had to be until now.”

Read the sidebar to this story, A closer look at Dominion’s DX1system.


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