Ability DMS off to strong start with new launch

Brand branches out from auto DMS parent company

Launched earlier this year at Dealer Expo, Ability DMS is new to the powersports industry, but its parent company, Adam Systems, has been a provider in the automotive market for more than three decades.

Adam Systems began consulting with auto dealers on using automatic accounting systems in the 1970s before developing its own DMS in 1978. About 10 years ago, Adam entered the powersports market through an OEM venture, but when that agreement was severed three years ago, the company decided to build a powersports DMS.

“We knew we would need to modify our system in a way that powersports dealers could use it that’s more appropriate,” said Bruce Weaver, president of Ability DMS.

The Ability brand was developed for the powersports product, and the company bought Shamrock Systems last year to enhance its DMS. The Windows-based system offers sales, F&I, accounting, payroll and parts applications, along with factory integration when necessary.

“The graphical user interface, or the GUI, that a user sees in our system is similar to anything a user would see in a Windows-based system,” Weaver explained.

Because of the Windows base, Weaver says the DMS is easy to learn, implement and use. All hardware needed to run the system can be purchased off the shelf.

“All of our applications were designed by us; we own them, and they integrate seamlessly together,” Weaver said.

To serve its dealers, Ability DMS answers inquiries through the phone, email or in real time within the application. Its call center is based at its headquarters near Mobile, Ala.


Since launching the system, Ability has already brought a couple hundred dealers on board.

“It’s a professional system for professional dealers. We tend to be much more well received by franchise powersports dealers, although we have a number of independent powersports dealers,” Weaver explained.

Ability has just begun marketing its product, using mostly web-based efforts and a new direct mail campaign. Its hope is to grow its dealer network.

“For a product that’s just moved into the space, we think we’ve probably made good headway,” Weaver said.

Ability is hopeful that soon more dealers will buy into the system, as it continues to offer services based on the foundation Adam Systems built.

“While the name Ability DMS is new,” Weaver said, “we’ve been in the DMS space for a while in one way or another.”

Ability has launched its full marketing campaign with web marketing and a recently-launched direct mail campaign, so expect to hear more from the company soon.

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