Schuberth NA celebrates first year with a bang

New helmets, new technology unveiled

Schuberth GmbH established its new North America operation a year ago. In October, the Germany-based helmet manufacturer celebrated its one-year anniversary at its newly expanded North American headquarters in Alisa Viejo, Calif.

It proved to be a perfect time to offer a sneak preview of upcoming Schuberth models for the North American market. Schuberth announced that its C3 helmet will now be available in Dark Anthracite ($699 MSRP), and in December it will be available in a “World” graphic ($749 MSRP) for the first time in North America. The latter looks essentially as if a globe has been superimposed over the helmet. Previously, the flip-up C3 model had been available only in solid colors. It will include a five-year warranty, three-year service plan and a mobility plan for replacement at one-third of the MSRP if the helmet is registered, then damaged in an accident.

Schuberth also announced that it will introduce the S2 full-face sport helmet at the 2012 Dealer Expo in February. As a follow-up to the S1 that was introduced in 2002, the S2 will feature upgrades such as a lighter weight, a more compact design, improved ventilation and aerodynamics, and an upgraded internal sun visor.

Also, the SR1 will be a new full-face helmet for sport riders and professional racers. Developed with the help of racer Michael Schumacher and with extensive testing in Schuberth’s wind tunnel, it features three adjustable air intakes and two rear outlets. Interesting touches include a rear spoiler the rider can adjust to either of two positions to control airflow and downforce. Another innovation is a Noise Reduction System that consists of two “windows” on the sides that can be opened to allow the rider to hear ambient sound more accurately, or closed to reduce noise levels.

Marcel Lejeune, CEO of Schuberth GmbH in Magdeburg, Germany, put his company’s products to the test at the anniversary event. He repeatedly struck a Schuberth police helmet worn by “Bob,” a mannequin, with a baseball bat to illustrate its ruggedness. Lejeune emphasized that because of the company’s advances in sports, firefighter, work and police/military helmets, Schuberth has integrated technology across various types of usages. For example, the bulletproof technology from the Schuberth police and military helmet visors is used in their Formula One car racing visors. Likewise, both also used flame-proof technology.

Schuberth CEO Marcel Lejeune said he was “very, very satisfied” with the company’s first year of operations in North America.

Lejeune noted that the company wants its helmets to deliver information, and pointed out that its Formula One racing helmets have small LEDs that illuminate to alert the driver when his tire change has been completed and he can leave the pits.

Schuberth’s helmets for police officers can be equipped with cameras, and employ light sensors that turn on an LED in darkness so that officers can keep their hands free. As for Year 1 of Schuberth North America’s operations, Lejeune said he was “very, very satisfied.”

Schuberth NA reached out to several different industry groups to help the company celebrate its first year. In addition to Lejeune, Randy Northrup, GM of Schuberth North America, and Tim Buche, president of the Motorcycle Industry Council, greeted guests.

Attendees were able to test the Schuberth Rider Communication System, and tour exhibits by Cardo Systems, MotoQuest Tours and Motorcycle Rentals, the Iron Butt Association, USA Cycling Motorefs, International Motorcycle Shows, the MIC’s Revive Your Ride! Promotion, the American Motorcyclist Association and SoCal Schuberth Dealers. Indy car driver Townsend Bell signed autographs.

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