New electric vehicle OEM releases first line

New electric vehicle manufacturer Evolve Motorcycles announced its first line of models Thursday in New York.

The company, founded by Benjamin Plum, Mazdack Rassi and Lex Kendall, builds two-wheeled, 100-percent-electric vehicles. The founders built the company when they saw a need for a stylish, sustainable and affordable solution to urban transportation, according to a press release.

“The designers behind Evolve challenged old problems and solved them with new technologies, smart but simple design and understanding their customer,” the press release said.

The company released three models for the fall: the Titanium, the Neon and the Helium. The Titanium is the premium model, with a 5,000-watt engine, 60-mile range, 70-mph maximum and $5,400 price tag. The Neon has a 3,000-watt engine, a 50-mile range, a max speed of 50 mph, and it will retail starting at $3,900. The Helium is the smallest displacement model. It features a 1,500-watt engine, a 40-mile range, a 40 mph maximum speed and a $2,900 MSRP. Each has a lithium battery that charges in two and a half hours, and each includes a battery management system. Each also comes with a full warranty.

Evolve also encourages an active social media community. The free Evolve mobile app allows riders to connect and share on the road, finding each other’s real time locations, locating charging stations and sharing videos and updates. Through the app, riders can also call for 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, which is included with the purchase of the vehicle.

Evolve motorcycles will be sold through a dealer network. To learn more about the OEM, visit

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