Brammo looks to bring rental parks to U.S.

Brammo Inc., an electric motorcycle manufacturer, has purchased a European rent and ride activity center business and plans to bring the concept to the United States, the CEO announced.

Brammo announced today that it has acquired Quantyaparx from its founder and worldwide licensor KOM Enterprise GmbH. The Quantyaprx centers are designed exclusively for electric dirt bikes and offer an affordable and exciting off-road motorcycling experience free from air and noise pollution. Centers are already successfully established in Germany, Austria, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Brammo’s centers will be renamed BrammoParx.

“We are excited about this acquisition, and we will be introducing our latest 6-speed off-road Brammo motorcycles – the Engage and the Encite – to BrammoParx locations at the earliest opportunity,” Brammo founder and CEO Craig Bramscher said. “We will also be making the BrammoParx franchise opportunity available in other countries, including the U.S.A. We know the demand for off-road parks is growing, and KOM has both a unique business model and a highly successful track record in this market.”

Brammo has brought on Hans Eder and his team from KOM. The group has been the driving force behind Quantyaparx.

"With our existing centers we have proven that environmentally-friendly off-road fun is possible,” Eder said. “With the correct instruction and supervision, even someone who doesn’t own a motorcycle will be able to ride at BrammoParx – from children to adults. Brammo ownership will give our existing and new BrammoParx operators access to the Brammo Engage and Encite, the most advanced off-road electric motorcycles in the world.”

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