MIC part of National Export Initiative intro

MIC Government Relations staff attended an International Trade Administration (Department of Commerce) meeting on the Roll-out of the National Export Initiative (NEI) Sector Profile for Recreational Transportation on Thursday.

The National Export Initiative (NEI) was established by Executive Order in 2010 to enhance and coordinate federal efforts to facilitate the creation of jobs in the U.S. through the promotion of exports. This administration initiative is designed to improve conditions that directly affect the private sector's ability to export in order to help meet the administration's goal of doubling exports over the next five years to support two million new jobs.

The initiative seeks to work to remove trade barriers abroad by helping firms, especially small businesses, overcome the hurdles to entering new export markets, by assisting with financing, and in general by pursuing a Government-wide approach to export advocacy abroad, among other steps.

Recreational transportation has been identified as one of the top five or six priority sectors for the NEI. The meeting was held to introduce industry stakeholders to the initiative and to describe ITA strategies and priorities for recreational transportation. This sector includes motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats and marine engines, RVs, and golf cars.

There was also discussion of key target markets, with emphasis on China and Brazil.

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