Kawasaki recalls Ninjas

Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. is recalling about 2,560 Ninjas because of an issue with the placement of the wiring harness.

The affected models include the 2011 ZX1000JBFL, ZX1000JBL, ZX1000KBFL and ZX1000KBL. It is possible for a portion of the wiring harness to become pinched between the rear subframe and the rear fender or between the rear subframe and the bolt holding the seat cover. This can damage the harness and wiring and result in a short between wires and the frame or within wires, which could result in the engine stopping suddenly.

Dealers are being asked to reroute the main harness as necessary. Kawasaki has not provided the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with an owner notification schedule.

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