Metric imports to U.S. rise, fall worldwide

The effects of the earthquake and tsunami on March 11 were noticeable in the March motorcycle production numbers from Japan, but total motorcycle exports were on the rise for the first time in three years for the fiscal year 2010 that ended March 31.

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association’s March statistics show that total motorcycle production by Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha was down 41.5 percent for the month of March. Those manufacturers produced 37,841 units in March 2011 according to the JAMA, down 26,870 units from the 64,711 units produced in March 2010. Suzuki produced 13,419 motorcycles in March, followed by Yamaha (9,719), Honda (8,860) and Kawasaki (5,838).

Unit sales (factory shipment) were down 10.8 percent for the month compared to a year ago. Sales stood at 37,856 units compared to sales of 42,461 units in March 2010.

Motorcycle exports from Japan in March were down 58.5 percent. Exports for the month of March were 60,331 units in 2009; 49,792 in 2010; and 37,841 in 2011.

Exports to the United States took a significant jump compared to March of 2010. In 2010, March exports to the U.S. were 6,938 units. In March 2011, the number more than doubled to 14,273 units. Exports to the United States have risen since August 2010.

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