Company launches mobile apps for dealers

Sparta Commercial Service Inc. and its subsidiary Specialty Reports Inc. launched a mobile application content management system for dealers today. allows dealers to create their own mobile apps to communicate with customers, potential customers and others. Its initial release will be promoted to powersports, RV, auto and boat dealers.

“For all those dealers in the industries we’re initially focusing on who want to take their dealerships to the next level of advanced communications technology, SpecialtyMobileApps is a major step forward,” Anthony Havens, CEO of Sparta and Specialty Reports, said in a press release. “We can provide them with the ability to communicate and interact with their customers in a manner that is rapidly gaining attention and acceptance in the broad marketplace at a cost that is considerably lower than most other sources for mobile apps today.”

Using the CMS, dealers will be able to upload images and content to a dedicated server and then publish the app to the appropriate smartphone platform. takes care of the rest of the process, with experts available to design and build the app. The company says an app can be created in days or weeks. It expects dealers to use the system to notify customers about new models, products, special events, promotions, service appointments, warranty and maintenance requirements, recalls and more.

The introductory price to powersports, RV, auto and boat dealers will be $999 for development, plus a $99 monthly subscription fee.

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