Simmons: Big Dog Motorcycles closes

Big Dog Motorcycles was foreclosed upon on Wednesday afternoon, and the company has closed, former Big Dog president Mike Simmons told Powersports Business.

“Big Dog Motorcycles, LLC has been foreclosed on, its assets seized, and it is no more,” he explained.

The custom motorcycle OEM has struggled to survive for about the last 18 months. Its primary lending institution had worked with the company to help keep its doors open, but ultimately decided to go forward with a foreclosure, according to Simmons.

“There’s been a variety of factors that have caused a lot of companies to go out of business the last two years, mostly dealing with the economy,” Simmons said. He added that retail lending availability was a big factor in Big Dog Motorcycles’ demise.

Dealers and customers will feel an effect of the closure, above and beyond the supply of bikes.

“There is no longer a manufacturing company to supply (dealers) with motorcycles. There are no warranties,” Simmons reported.

However, in the wake of the closure, another company has been formed. Motorcycles Enterprises LLC, doing business as BDM Performance Products, will sell parts and accessories for existing Big Dog Motorcycles, and other models’ products will be added in the future.

“We plan on offering parts and accessories for other American V-twins,” Simmons said.

Clothing and other apparel will likely be available in the future as well. Simmons will serve as president of Wichita, Kan.-based BDM Performance Products, and its 20 employees are all former Big Dog Employees.

Initial news about Big Dog Motorcycles’ closure and about the new company will be delivered to dealers through phone calls. Later, dealers will likely receive e-mail and direct mail communication about the change.

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