Nov. 29, 2010 – PWC Digest

RIVA Introduces Performance Products

RIVA Racing recently introduced a collection of new aftermarket performance products. They include the FZ Pro-Series Steering System, which replaces the stock FZ system with a lighter and stronger alternative that still makes use of the factory height and tilt adjustments. Additional FZ (and now VXR)-oriented parts include a Yamaha 1.8L Valve Retainer Upgrade Kit to reduce the possibility of valve float at high RPM, Yamaha 1.8L Performance Valve Seals that promise to keep unwanted oil from contaminating combustion chambers and prevent air leakage through valve guides, and Yamaha 1.8L Engine Replacement Sleeves and NA OEM Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit.
Other new parts include an FX-SHO/FZ Race Head Assembly, along with a High Performance Valve Set for Kawasaki supercharged engines. For more info, check out www.rivaracing.com.

$5,000 For New Life Jacket Design

BoatUS Foundation is putting up $5,000 for a new life jacket design.
A contest that originally ran five years ago, the “Innovation in Life Jacket Design Competition” returns next year, enticing participants to reinvent the 100-year-old wheel with a $5,000 cash purse.
“We all have the mindset of what a life jacket looks like — and that’s what we need to be challenging,” explained Underwriters Laboratories’ Joe Waters of the competition. Judges are encouraging designers to think beyond the features of the current life jacket design, embracing new technologies in their designs, as well as nontraditional thinking. No rules restrict the materials used, and designs do not have to meet current U.S. standards. Entries will be judged on wearability, reliability, cost and innovation.
“We believe that out-of-the-box thinking may lead to the next generation of life-saving devices,” said BoatUS Foundation President Ruth Wood. “We anticipate designs that will be creative and unconventional.”
Deadline for entries is Feb. 1.
For more info on the contest, check out www.boatus.com/foundation/lifejacketdesign, or call Chris Edmonston at 703/823-9550, ext. 8356. PSB

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