V-twin distributor adds new element to dealer show

National V-twin distributor Custom Chrome has announced the date and location of its 2011 Dealer Show as well as a new wrinkle to the event.

The event will be held March 19-20 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California for dealers. Unlike last year, the final day will be open to the general public.

“We have seen first hand the tremendous value of having a ‘public day’ at our Custom Chrome Europe Dealer Show,” Steve Veltri, Custom Chrome’s vice president of sales and marketing, said in a press release. “For years, it has been the most attended and most popular Dealer Show in Europe from a vendor and dealer perspective.

“Our vendors have asked for something similar here in California and we have responded in kind.”

The event site, the Santa Clara Convention Center, has 302,000 square feet of space and will provide Custom Chrome with the facilities and technical requirements needed to continue growing the popular Dealer Show.

“In bringing back the Custom Chrome Dealer Show in 2010, we wanted to keep the return of the Dealer Show a bit more intimate,” Custom Chrome CEO Holger Mohr said in a press release. “The response and attendance was so overwhelmingly positive that we completely stuffed last year’s location in terms of vending space, hotel rooms and overall facilities.”

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