ARI launches PartStream 2.0

ARI, a provider of technology-enabled business solutions, has released an update to its PartStream software, the company announced today.

PartStream 2.0’s new interface is designed to make shopping an online parts catalog easier on an ARI Web site or a third-party site. The improvements will include: notifications when an outdated part has been replaced; parts diagram menus for customers to view price and add parts to their online shopping carts; an interface control that supports up to six languages; a custom administration area for modifying prices and descriptions at any time; and improvements to the search function.

“We believe that PartStream 2.0 will exceed customers’ expectations in their ability to locate parts,” Brad Smith, ARI product manager, said in a press release. “The platform not only makes it easier to identify needed parts, but to quickly order the right parts online.”

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