CRM provider provides mobile application

V-SEPT Inc., a developer of customer relationship management and marketing tools for the industry, is now providing a media mobile application for mobile devices.

V-SEPT is providing their customers with a mobile CRM application that allows salespeople and managers to access sales traffic, inventory, vehicle specifications, trade guides and more. The mobile CRM application, which works with the iPhone, iPad, Droid, Eros, Blackberry and more, ties in with the dealership’s main V-SEPT CRM system, giving the user real-time access to integrated systems like the DMS, trade guides and more.

“People are on the go these days and require access to applications and resources wherever they are,” James Vaughn, president & CEO of V-SEPT, said in a press release. “Our mobile CRM application allows salespeople and managers to be out on a ride or at a boat show and look-up vital information and log prospects in real time.”

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