MIC, EICMA partner to facilitate ATV symposium at China event

An ATV symposium has been added to the EICMA China event held in Beijing, June 11-13. The symposium will be facilitated by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) in partnership with the organizers of EICMA Chinese Chamber of Commerce for Motorcycle (CCCM), announced the MIC.

“We’d like to express our appreciation to Costantino Ruggiero, managing director of EICMA, who paved the way for MIC’s participation at this exciting new motorcycle exhibition in China,” MIC President Tim Buche said in the press release. “The ATV symposium will provide a tremendous opportunity to exchange information and ideas on ATV issues around the world with government regulators, industry and other stakeholders.”

Topics to be covered at the three-hour ATV symposium include market dynamics, consumer use, safety and training, vehicle standards, technical issues and regulatory issues, such as mandatory standards, youth vehicle requirements and testing and certification.  

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