Electric scooter maker returns to the market

INDIANAPOLIS — The Vectrix electric scooter brand is being relaunched at the Dealer Expo this weekend.

Vectrix Corp., a newly formed Delaware corporation, and Vectrix International are showing off the brand at the annual aftermarket show.

The previous company behind Vectrix filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September.
In gearing up for the relaunch, the Vectrix Corporation has opened its new U.S. headquarters and development center in New Bedford, Mass. With its patented technologies developed over the past decade, Vectrix will continue to design and develop innovative technology solutions in New Bedford, Mass. with original key members of its product development team. “The core focus of the Vectrix Corp. design team is to remain on the cutting edge of innovative technologies that revolutionize urban transportation,” Chief Operating Officer Jason Kim said in a press release.

The release also said the company has begun to ship spare parts and finished products to its customers.

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