Harley-Davidson goes after competition’s riders

Harley-Davidson has announced a new marketing program that attempts to convert non-Harley riders to the long-standing brand.

Through Jan. 31, customers who trade-in their non-Harley motorcycle toward the purchase of an eligible Harley-Davidson motorcycle will receive the dealer-negotiated trade-in value plus $500 toward the final purchase price, announced the company.

“It’s all about sharing the Harley-Davidson experience with a discriminating audience and earning the opportunity to welcome new riders into the family,” Dino Bernacchi, Harley-Davidson advertising and promotions director, said in the release. “Currently one in four sales of new Harley-Davidson motorcycles are to competitive brand riders, but there may be some riders out there who don’t realize that nearly all Harley-Davidson dealers welcome competitive brand trade-ins, so we are spreading the word through this promotion and sweetening the deal to help get them on the ride of their dreams.”

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