Group developing UTV performance standards

The Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA) is working with the industry to develop a voluntary American National Standard (ANSI/ROHVA 1-200X) that addresses the design and performance of ROVs sold in North America.

The proposed standard will address design, configuration and performance aspects of ROVs, including requirements for accelerator, clutch and gearshift controls; engine and fuel cutoff devices; lighting; tires; service and parking brake/parking mechanism performance; lateral and pitch stability; occupant handholds and roll-over protective structure; occupant-restraints; and requirements for safety labels and owners’ manuals.

The balloting of the first draft of this proposed ANS was completed July 27. Comments were received as part of the balloting process and were reviewed and responded to by letter. All accepted comments have been included in the current proposed standard dated Oct. 12.

The proposed standard is open for public review and comment by directly and materially affected persons. The public comment period closes Dec. 7. Printed review copies are available from ROHVA for $60. To request a copy, contact ROHVA at 949/255-2560, ext. 3023.

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