Powersports Web site provider adds new video function

PowerSports Network (PSN), a Web site provider, recently launched a new function that allows dealers to upload and manage videos on their sites, according to a release from PSN.

PSN’s Web Site Flix allows a dealership to upload an unlimited amount of videos, each up to 80 mb in size. Videos can be labeled with a title, description and keywords.

“It’s no secret that the attention spans of today’s consumers are getting shorter,” Dave Valentine, national sales manager for PSN, said in the release. “They want as much information in as little time as possible. What’s more, they want to be entertained while getting that information. PSN’s Web Site Flix is an excellent way for dealers to both grab and keep their site visitors’ attention by offering dealership-specific videos directly on their Web site.”

Once uploaded, videos will appear in a video library and can be embedded on other pages. In addition, when a visitor pulls up specs for an inventory item, they will be able to view any associated videos.

Any videos uploaded are considered property of the dealership and will not be redistributed by PSN.

“While comparable video products are available for hundreds of dollars per month,” Valentine said in the release, “PSN felt it necessary to create an effective video solution that was also affordable for dealers. From the initial reaction we have gotten from dealers, we feel like we did just that.”

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