Schuberth, Cardo announce helmet collaboration

German helmet maker Schuberth GmbH and Cardo Systems, which produces Bluetooth devices for motorcycle helmets, have agreed to work together on a new product for Schuberth C3, C2 and Concept motorcycle flip-up helmets, according to a release from the companies.

The agreement calls for Cardo to design and manufacture a new communication and entertainment system to be launched in 2009.

The new system will provide connectivity with mobile phones, bike-to-bike intercom between up to three riders and wireless receipt of stereo music from compatible MP3 players. Other details of the product, including its name, are yet to be released.

Executives described the new system as “a radically new approach in retrofitting communication systems to motorcycle helmets, blurring the line between built-in headsets and after-market solutions.”

More details of the system are forthcoming, possibly at the EICMA motorcycle trade show in Milan, Italy, according to the release.

“Our collaboration with Cardo is meant to equip the world’s finest motorcycle helmets with the best available communication and entertainment system,” Marcel Lejeune, CEO of Schuberth GmbH, said in the release. “The new system represents the synthesis between our unrelenting pursuit of safety, intuitive ergonomics and cutting-edge technology.”

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