Motorcycle Safety Foundation begins new rider course globally

To address the increasing number of military personnel in sport bike accidents, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) developed the MSF Military SportBike RiderCourse, according to the MSF.

The course is designed for military riders who’ve completed the MSF Basic RiderCourse and want to take a higher level. MSF worked with the U.S. Navy and Army safety centers to develop the program.

“The goal is to provide riders with a way to further develop personal riding strategies and decision-making abilities to help them minimize their risk,” Ray Ochs, MSF director of training systems, said in the release.

Marines have experienced more deaths on motorcycles in the past 12 months than combat, according to CNN. While 20 Marines have fallen victim to enemy fire in Iraq, 25 have been killed on motorcycles, and all but one of those motorcycle deaths involved sport bikes.

CNN Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr said in the article the Marines once considered banning sport bikes, but the success in sport bike-specific training programs suggests that education is key to avoiding accidents.

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