Honda announces ABS for sports bikes

Honda developed an electronically controlled combined ABS system designed specifically for sport bikes, stated a company press release.

The new brake-by-wire control system has a stroke simulator and joins Combined and ABS systems in one package to address the requirements of a sports bike.

The components are divided into smaller units than in the past, which doesn’t add too much weight, Honda says. The electronic control of the CBS allows more advanced control of the braking forces and more distribution of these forces over both wheels under heavy braking situations. The system measures the rider input on each lever and the ideal braking force is generated accordingly. An ‘ABS modulator’ then ensures late but smooth triggering of the ABS system.

All the basic functions of ABS and CBS are provided, including the prevention of wheel lock, improved balance, stability and ease of operation. The handling characteristics of a sports bike are unaffected by the electronically controlled Combined ABS system, avoiding the ‘pitching’ effect of earlier systems, so that cornering and sports performance are not interrupted.

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