New off-road trails banned in Washington state

In Washington state, there could be no new motorized off-road riding trails and facilities built for at least a year. The state, however, will continue to collect fees and taxes from trail users, an American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) press release stated.

The proposal to stop building trails was part of a last-minute alteration to an amendment to the state’s budget bill. Because the amendment was done during a late-night committee meeting, AMA Western States Representative Nick Haris says there will be no opportunity for public input or debate. The proposed state budget is currently awaiting Gov. Christine Gregoire’s approval.

“It’s hard to say which is more outrageous,” Haris said in the release, “the way this language was inserted in the bill in the dark of night, or the fact that the state of Washington plans to keep taking gasoline tax money and registration fees from off-road vehicle users — money that is supposed to be used to create off-road recreation opportunities — while giving the ORV community nothing in return for at least an entire year.”

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