Production of 1125R launches new era of Buell sport bikes

With the launch of the1125R, the Buell Motorcycle Co. hit a milestone. The 1125R is the first liquid-cooled V-twin engine to power a street-legal Buell, stated a company press release.

The 1125R is expected to arrive in U.S. Buell dealers this month. The serial No. 1 Buell1125R will be saved for the Harley-Davidson Museum that opens in 2008.

Erik Buell, Buell Motorcycle Co. chairman and chief technical officer, says the bike is the break of a new era for Buell.

“The 1125R is designed and built from the rider down to take Buell to a new performance level,” Buell said in the release. “As we look forward, we will continue to embrace and enhance our fundamental vision of motorcycle design that offers the ultimate riding experience.”

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