June 4, 2007 – Hyosung Motors changes its name, gets new president

Hyosung Motors and Machinery Inc. recently announced a name change and a new president for Hyosung Motors America Inc.
Hyosung changed its name to S&T Motors Co. Ltd., as the S&T Corporation has acquired the majority of Hyosung Motors and Machinery stock. Jung Dal Lee has been appointed as the new CEO and president of S&T Motors Co. Ltd. Former CEO W.K. Hong has resigned.
S&T Motors Co. Ltd. has committed additional resources to the U.S. market and will continue to do business in the U.S. as Hyosung Motors America Inc.
The company’s U.S. branch has new leadership, as Simon Kim was named Hyosung Motors America Inc. president. Kim transferred to Hyosung Motors America Inc. from Hyosung Motors and Machinery Inc. in Korea to run West Cost operations before he was appointed to president.
Former President Edward Park is working as a consultant to Hyosung Motors America Inc. during this transition and is establishing his own business, HYC Global Corp., in Latin America.

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