Honda’s UK motorcycle network goes it alone

Honda’s 115-strong network of motorcycle dealerships in the United Kingdom is now solo, rather than shared with other manufacturers.

The network has been completely on its own with Honda since the end of March, said Simon Read, Honda UK’s franchising manager.

“We truly believe this gives the customer a number of benefits,” Read said in a statement yesterday. “Firstly, solus dealers have unrivaled expertise and experience with Honda products, meaning that potential customers will be getting more accurate information about our motorcycle range. When it comes to servicing, again with the technicians concentrating on one brand and having to be assessed at the Honda Institute it means that their skills and knowledge on new Hondas really is second to none.”

With 115 single-brand dealerships up and running, it’s expected another four will open within the next two months, with the total hitting 120 single-line dealers within the next six months. The company aims to have 133 solo dealers across the U.K. within the next two years or so.

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