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Goodyear crafts camo ATV tire

Goodyear has developed a camouflage ATV tire for 2007. The Rawhide Camo ATV replacement tire is for recreational and utility use.

The Rawhide Camo utilizes six-ply, bias-type construction that is optimized for durability and riding comfort. An open-block tread pattern performs especially well in sloppy conditions. The three-quarter inch deep, self-cleaning tread blocks provide the rider with added confidence when the mud gets deeper while maintaining traction in challenging terrain.

Goodyear says the new tire’s durable four-color camouflage pattern molded into the sidewall and tread is an industry first. To produce the Camo’s pattern, Goodyear’s engineers developed a proprietary process that molds a three-color paint veneer into the tire during the curing stage. Together with the rubber compound’s natural black, the resulting four-color pattern blends subtly into natural backgrounds.

In the development stage, the Camo was tested by Goodyear’s engineers for normal wear, endurance, abrasion toughness and resistance to UV-light fade. Under normal riding conditions, the high areas of the tread will wear down over time to the black rubber, but the sidewall remains essentially unchanged. The Camo complements the growing number of camouflage body designs that are being offered, Goodyear said.

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